Language related to

Practice and Procedure 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Business meetings
  • Civil Procedure
  • Courtroom Protocol and Personnel
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Introduction to Legal Research 
  • Jury System -- how it works
  • Legal Education ​in the U.S.
  • Legal Writing -- correspondence, drafting, memorandum
  • ​Oral skills
  • U.S. Legal System

Language related to

Substantive Law   

  • Case Law in a common law system
  • Corporations (Company Law)
  • U.S. Constitutional law
  • Contracts
  • Crime 
  • Human Rights
  • Intellectual Property
  • ​International Law
  • Real Property (land)
  • Torts (personal injury, defamation, nuisance, negligence, etc.)​

Instruction for Lawyers, Law Students, Business Professionals

Legal English International

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For those subjects on which participants would benefit from both a U.S. and a U.K. perspective it is possible to arrange for team teaching by two instructors through collaboration with Loquitur.

I am an experienced lawyer and a qualified teacher of English as a Second or Foreign Language offering intensive courses in Legal English primarily for international lawyers.  

 Legal English International is my own small, privately-owned business based in California, U.S.A.  I have taught Legal English and Human Rights English to lawyers and other professionals in many countries, both as an individual tutor and in group classes, but now limit my teaching to group classes only.

I have developed curricula and training materials for Legal English classes at the University of San Diego and the University of California at Berkeley. In collaboration with Stephen Dillon Weston of Loquitur, a Legal English training company based in London, U.K., I have also developed training materials and curricula for Legal English classes at the Council of the European Union (Consilium), The Academy of European Law (ERA) and at JUC in Copenhagen, and for a Human Rights English course for The Protection Project of Johns Hopkins University.

A native of California and educated in the U.S.A., I speak American English.  Having lived several years in London, U.K., I am also familiar with British vocabulary and usage.

As a lawyer I practiced appellate law in California from 1984-2008, working as a research attorney on civil and criminal cases at the Court of Appeal and as a defense attorney at the Office of the State Public Defender and in private practice, representing defendants on appeal in capital cases.

Although still a member in good standing of the California State Bar and qualified to practice law, I have retired from active law practice and have chosen to teach Legal English for the pleasure and adventure of traveling and working with professionals from all over the world. 

Legal English International is affiliated with Loquitur, based in London, U.K.