Language instruction for lawyers -- by a lawyer



Participants will Improve their ability to use English effectively in their work through practical, hands-on exercises  in writing, speaking, reading, and listening. A special emphasis on one or two of these skills may be requested.



The content of every course is adapted to fit the participants' particular needs. Available subjects include the language of: case law & the common law system, contracts, criminal law, human rights law, torts, intellectual property, the U.S. legal system, and more.  Please contact LEI to discuss your group's needs.

Irene Kiebert, sole proprietor

Short-term intensive courses in Legal English

at your place of business

by a qualified English teacher who is also an experienced lawyer.


Legal English International  offers language instruction.  It is not a law school and class participants  must not rely on information presented in the materials or in class instruction as a correct or complete statement of the law.  



A relaxed, informal atmosphere enhanced by a sense of humor aids both comprehension and retention of the material presented.  My approach requires active involvement by all participants in the class.  Supplemental materials can be provided for further independent study.